Reviewing my American League Predictions

It’s just about a quarter of the way through the MLB season and I am going to be reviewing the predictions that I made at the beginning of the season.  Here we go. 

AL Central

In the AL Central I predicted that the Detroit Tigers would win the Division with the Indians, Royals, White Sox and Twins to follow in that order.  I thought that the Royals and White Sox would be doing better than they are now but there is still a lot of ball to be played, Royals lineup needs to give some run support to their new pitching (mostly because I have James Shields on 2 fantasy teams and he only has 2 wins with a 2.47 ERA and a .96 WHIP, CMON!).  I am still going to stick with my predictions that the Tigers will win the division and the Indians are going to be one of two AL Wild Cards.

Cleveland Indians – 27 – 19

Detroit Tigers – 26 – 19  

Kansas City Royals – 21 – 23 

Chicago White Sox – 21 – 24 

Minnesota Twins – 18 – 26

AL East

The AL East is a well-rounded division.  The Red Sox and Yankees are doing a lot better than I thought they would be, the Red Sox especially.  The Yankees have the 2nd best record in the American League with 28 wins and 18 losses.  The revival of Vernon Wells career has been a huge lift to a lineup that lost Mark Teixeira, A Rod (good riddance) Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson (who is back now) to injury.  The Blue Jays, even though I didn’t think they were going to be a playoff team are doing a lot worse than I had predicted but are 7-3 in their last ten games so they are getting better.  I thought that the East would end up with the Orioles winning with the Blue Jays, Yankees, Rays and Red Sox finishing in that order.  So far my predictions are off but I do still think that the Orioles will persevere through a tough grind better than any of the other teams and still come out on top; especially with Manny Machado’s emergence and Nate McClouth’s renewed career along with Chris Davis, Adam Jones, JJ Hardy and Matt Weiters. 

New York Yankees – 28 – 18

Boston Red Sox – 28 – 20

Baltimore Orioles – 25 – 22

Tampa Bay Rays – 24 – 22

Toronto Blue Jays – 20 – 27

AL West

The AL West is so far about how I predicted it with my two playoffs teams flip flopped, just like the Central.  The Rangers are leading the division with the American League’s best record and the Athletics’ are in 2nd place with a record of 25-23.  The Angels started off very slow but have won their last 5 games.  Houston is a very bad team and is still trying to find their identity in their new league.  The Mariners have lost 6 straight games but are tied with the Angels for 3rd in the division.  They have some bright spots now and then with the additions of Morse and Ibanez in the lineup; and then King Felix, Wilhemson and Iwakuma have been good pitching but they just do not have enough talent to compete in the tough AL West. 

Texas Rangers – 30 – 17

Oakland Athletics – 25 – 23

Los Angeles Angels – 20 – 27

Seattle Mariners – 20 – 27

Houston Astros – 14 – 33

So far in the league the seeds would look like this:

1. Texas Rangers

2. New York Yankees

3. Cleveland Indians

WC – Boston Red Sox

WC – Detroit Tigers

But it is still early in the season and there are about 115-120 games left for each team.  I am still holding onto my predictions and I have made then for a reason.  Of course these standings are not going to be the same all year long.  Who knows with injuries, trades and the hot/cold streaks of baseball.  For all we know the Astros could win the World Series.  Well, maybe I am exaggerating a little( A LOT!!!) about that. 


Thank you for reading my blog, please feel free to comment your ideas on the page.  This is my opinion and I would love to hear yours, you can’t learn anything if you only listen to yourself.  Also please click the follow link on the bottom right and put your email in.  Thank you and stayed tune for the National League Prediction Review.  


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