Let’s think about this…

Ok, so by now everyone has heard that the Detroit Tigers have signed Jose Valverde to a Major League contract and he has been named to the closer role.  RUN!!!!  That’s what everyone is thinking, from what I have been seeing on the Tigers Facebook page is everyone is an armchair GM…

“Seriously. This is a disgrace to those who currently play in this team, to those who actually buy tickets to come watch, to those of us who follow on their phones and in their living rooms. As a cousin if one who played in 68 I say shame in you whoever made this decision. Pay him out if your salary!!! We are certainly doomed if it comes down to the bullpen.”

I think that might be a bit extreme.  But here’s another one…

“That is a terrible decision. Whoever made it should be fired!”

Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland made this decision, remember the guys who built the team for their run to the WORLD SERIES last year, which had Valverde on it. They each have 3 pennants and 1 World Series ring.  Leyland is a 3 time Manager of the Year.  Dombrowski has had some serious talk about him becoming the next Commissioner of Major League Baseball…  FIRE THEM!!!

“OMG he cost us the World Series last year!!!  Didn’t they learn??????”

Wait, he pitched???  Oh no, he didn’t pitch in the World Series and if he did that would have meant there was a Save Opportunity, which there wasn’t.  The Tigers were only up at one point in the World Series, in the 3rd inning of game 3 until the Giants tied them in the 6th.

“*puts head into hands and silently weeps*”

This must be a Royals fan who is scared of Valverde, who has a career high 20 saves against them.  Valverde has led the MLB in not just Saves (110) over his last 3 years with the Tigers, but also in Save Percentage (93%).  Oh no!!!  Why would they ever sign him, he blew 5 saves last year…

“Ugghhh with Leland and Valverde throwing games we will NEVER see a world series! Big disappointment Detroit!!!”

LEYLAND and Valverde were both on the team last year that saw the World Series, oh it must not count.

Let’s settle down.  First of all, he wasn’t the worst closer in history.  In 2011 people still hated him even though he was 49 for 49; maybe he could’ve done better (NOPE!).  Last year he had 5 blown saves.  Motte (7), Axford (9), Chapman (5), Betancourt (7), Clippard (5), Putz (5), Wilhemsen (5), Aceves (8), Broxton (6), Jansen (7), Casilla (6), Bell (8), Cook (7), League (6), Parnell (5), Belisle (7), Hernandez (6), Rodriguez (7), and Strop (7) all had as many or more blown saves than Valverde did, most of them in not as many Opportunities.  If this works out, which it definitely could, then the Tigers look like geniuses.  If it doesn’t then cut him and they are right back to where they were before.  He knows how to close games, as he has proven, his velocity was just down last year and he has regained that form according to sources (Wait is this ESPN???).  I like this signing, Villareal was struggling this year more than Valverde was last year (Tigers fans on Facebook now HATE Villareal too).  Let’s give this guy a shot again, he has proven he can do it once and I think he is hungry to prove it once again.  I’m backing the Tigers this season and I trust in Jim Leyland and Dave Dombrowski, that’s why they are at their jobs and I’m sitting at my computer.  If it doesn’t work out then let’s just blame it on Leyland because he smokes, that sounds like logic to me folks…

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I am currently enrolled at Central Michigan University. I am obtaining my Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in Sports Studies (Sports Management), with a Minor in Marketing and an Endorsement in Athletic Coaching. I am looking for an Internship over the summer so I can develop my career and improve my business skills to become a well educated and skilled member of the business community.

2 responses to “Let’s think about this…”

  1. Joshua Steven Rogers says :

    Best article yet.

    I don’t think he will make any impact come playoff time if they are there, but like you said, this doesn’t hurt them if it doesn’t work out.

    Now the decision to not trade Porcello when he actually had some value is a whole different story.

  2. Andrew "Slaydaddy" Brown says :

    Nice! Great insight on the issue. I like the signing too, they have nothing to lose on it, well except some money.

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