2013 Playoff Picture

After making my predictions of who is going to win each division and also get the Wild Card berths for the playoffs, I will make predictions of what I think will happen in this postseason. In the AL I had the division winners being the Orioles, Tigers and the Athletics. In the National League the division winners that I predicted were the Nationals, Reds and Diamondbacks. The Wild Card teams were the Indians and Rangers in the AL and in the NL the Braves and Pirates.

Wild Card:


Indians over Rangers – I think that the Indians will actually win this one game playoff, even though I think that the Rangers are a more complete team and have a much better pitching staff. I love what the Indians new lineup looks like and the Rangers does not look at all like the one that took them to back to back World Series.


Braves over Pirates – I don’t care who pitches for the Braves in this game, Kris Medlen or Tim Hudson will shut down the Pirates in a one game playoff and then hand the ball to the best closer in the game right now, Chris Kimbrel.

Divisional Series:


Tigers over Indians: Tigers will just be too much for the Indians, both with their lineup and their pitching staff. I do not see a more complete team than the Tigers have. They just need to fill that closer role, which I am sure someone will stand out soon enough.

Orioles over A’s: The Orioles ability to persevere and win games late will be the reason they win this series. And Chris Davis is another.


Reds over Braves: Dusty Baker will out manage Fredi Gonzalez and utilize his players better. The Reds lineup is deeper than the Braves and so is their rotation. The back end of their pitching staff with Chapman and Broxton is going to be tough to get late inning hits too.

Nationals over Diamondbacks: The Diamondbacks benefitted from a division that kept beating each other up, which is why I do not have a Wild Card from what I think is the best division in the NL. They will be wore out by this time of year and won’t put up much of a fight against the young and talented Nationals.

Championship Series:


Tigers over Orioles: Tigers win in 5 games. Orioles pitching staff won’t be able to match up against the Tigers lineup. Hopefully not too early for another long break like the last two times they were in the World Series.


Nationals over Reds: This is going to be a very good series. The Nationals will win in 6 games, Strasburg and Gonzalez are going to be a great 1-2 combo in the rotation for a playoff run.

World Series:

Tigers over Nationals: The Tigers will win the World Series for the first time since 1984. They have no holes in their lineup. Torii Hunter will give this team a great defender, a great number two hitter who knows what to do when to do it but most importantly I think he will be a leader with Victor Martinez that this team needs. The Nationals have a very great team but I think the Tigers rotation is not only better but 1-5 is much deeper than the Nationals. The Tigers were in this situation last year and got embarrassed. I think that they will it their goal to do as much harm in this Series as they can to make up for last year’s let down.

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