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After the first games of this season and seeing a little bit of how most teams will fill out their lineups I am going to give my predictions for each division.  This took me quite a bit of thought and some rolling of the die, not really but probably would have ended up better.  Here is my prediction of the American League.

In the AL East I have the Baltimore Orioles winning the division.  Yes I have seen the Toronto Blue Jays lineup and it does look disgustingly good but half of these players were also on the Miami Marlins team that looked disgustingly good too.  I just don’t trust this team right now, I could definitely see them putting it together down the road but in my opinion this year is not going to be theirs.  Baltimore’s ability to grind out games and find ways to win is what it takes to reach the playoffs and become successful.  Games are not played on paper.  The loss of John Farrell to the Red Sox will be worst than expected.  For the first time in a long time a Wild Card team will not come from the AL East either.

In the AL Central the Royals and Indians will both make a play for the Division title but the Tigers pitching and experienced lineup will be too much to handle.  The additions of Martinez and Hunter, as I have said many times before in previous posts, will be very crucial.  I think that the White Sox will not do as good this year as they did last year.  They will fizzle out around the All Star break.  The Royals will make a strong push for the division and even stronger for the Wild Card but they will come up short, look for them to make a run next year though.  I do believe that the Indians will end up getting the final spot in the AL playoffs as a Wild Card.  The additions of Francona, Swisher, Reynolds, and Bourn will put this team into a lot of situations that they were not in last year. 

I had the toughest time with the AL West.  The Astros intrigue me a lot but their young lineup needs a lot of development and their pitching staff needs some help,  Bud Norris cannot pitch in every game.  The Mariners lineup is greatly improved and they have one of the best starting pitchers in the league with King Felix.  With their outfield fences moved in this year it will be exciting to see what Montero,  Morse and Morales will be able to do.  I chose the Oakland A’s to win this division once again this year.  I love their lineup with the addition of Jed Lowrie and Chris Young.  Their pitching staff is always producing, which might have something to do with former Central Michigan University pitcher and current Oakland A’s pitching coach Curt Young.  The Wild Card team came down to the Rangers and the Angels, which was a very hard choice for me.  I think that the loss of Torii Hunter will be a lot bigger than expected and the addition of Hamilton will not be as good as expected, especially since he was hitting in the Rangers hitter friendly park for half of his games.  I expect Trout to go through a sophomore slump and Albert is not the same hitter than I think he was in St. Louis, his contract is one of the worst I have seen in a long time.  Their pitching staff does have Jered Weaver who is a stud but I think that CJ Wilson is a little bit overrated, he usually folds in the playoffs and I’m not sure how he will perform in big games.  Texas is the team to make the playoffs with the first Wild Card spot.  Elvis Andrus, Ian Kinsler, Nelson Cruz and Adrian Beltre are going to lead this team to the playoffs once again.  They have been there before and know how to win games.

ALWC – Indians vs. Rangers

ALDS – Tigers vs. Indians/Rangers

ALDS – Orioles vs. Athletics


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