Going For Gold: USA vs. Mexico

The USA team came up short in their first game against Mexico, 5-2.  RA Dickey got the start for Team USA and Yovani Gallardo for Team Mexico.  Gallardo pitched 3 1/3 innings and struck out four batters while giving up 1 run in the win. Dickey pitched 4 innings giving up four runs and getting the lost in his first ever World Baseball Classic appearance. 

Team Mexico came out strong in the 1st inning manufacturing two runs on two hits.  Luiz Crus hit a Sac Fly and Adrian Gonzalez adding another RBI on a ground out.    Gonzalez wasn’t done producing after that because in his next at bat in the 3rd inning he hit a 2 run home run to put Team Mexico up 4-0.  The bottom 3rd of Team USA’s lineup was struggling, not getting a hit in the game and striking out 4 times combined.  Mauer, Wright and Rollins each had 2 hits a piece with Hosmer and Braun getting one each.  The USA lineup left 20 runners on base and only scored 2 runs.  They came out looking flat and looked like they took it too easy.  Hopefully after the upset loss they will get a little urgency in their lineup and get some runs going.

They need to come back tonight in the game against 2-0 Italy.  Ryan Vogelsong is going to be the starter on the mound for Team USA.  This is a must win situation in order for them to advance into the 2nd round of the tournament.  The team needs to be able to manufacture runs and play small ball.  Most of their players look like they are trying to be the hero and win the game by themselves.  Hopefully Joe Torre will get them into shape tonight against the Italians.  Tonight’s game is at 9:00 on the MLB Network.


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