2013 Detroit Tigers Projected Line Up

Spring Training is right around the corner and this year’s Detroit Tigers team is looking pretty solid.  They are one of the favorites to win the World Series in the fall.  They still have a lot of the same players but there are a few spots that will look a bit different.  The big parts of the lineup are still intact; such as Austin Jackson leading off, Miguel Cabrera hitting 3rd with Prince Fielder cleaning up.  Today, I will go over the lineup that I think they should put out there and later I will talk about their pitching staff.

Line Up

1st – CF Austin Jackson – Typical leadoff hitter and a great centerfielder.  Love that he changed his swing last year.

2nd – RF Torii Hunter – I love this signing, a little more money but hey it’s not mine.  Great defender, great clubhouse guy that will take Jackson under his wing and good with the stick.  Might not do as well hitting as last year but I love it.

3rd – 3rd Miguel Cabrera – Triple Crown…  Enough said…

4th – 1st Prince Fielder – .313 BA, 30 HR .940 On Base Plus slugging. I’ll take it in the 4 hole.

5th – DH Victor Martinez – He will be a huge addition to the line up again, just like he was two years ago.  I think a year off will be beneficial for his career, look for a huge year out of Victor.

6th – LF Andy Dirks – Had a big year last year and earned a starting job.  A hitter with versatility that can hit pretty much anywhere in the lineup.  Adds a little speed in the middle of the order.

7th – SS Johnny Peralta –  Last year he slumped a lot but I think Peralta is a guy who should hit .270-.280 a year with 15-20 HR’s and 65-75 RBI’s in his career and will do so this year.

8th – C Alex Avila – Another guy who struggled last year.  But I think he pretty much the same hitter as Peralta but left handed.

9th – 2nd Omar Infante – A great addition last year that shored up the 2nd base spot.  Could see him hitting 2nd if Hunter needs a break.

Bench Players

OF Avisail Garcia – Will get starts against Lefties for Dirks in LF and could see him get some starts when Hunter needs a break.

OF Quintin Berry – Will be a great asset off the bench in late innings for a defensive replacement or when the team needs a base stealer.

IF Ramon Santiago – Love Ramon, best defensive IFer and can play 2nd, SS, and 3rd. I’ll also add that he’s a switch hitter, perfect guy for a bench role.

C Brayan Pena – Switch hitting catcher that is a great addition to be a backup.  Hard working guy that could play the IF as well.

Don’t forget to come back to read about the 2013 Detroit Tigers pitching staff and also read earlier articles that I have written.

~ Benjamin Brown


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7 responses to “2013 Detroit Tigers Projected Line Up”

  1. Big John Stud says :

    Peralta needs to go, that is all

    • brown4bd says :

      I like him for now, he is sure handed, has a good arm and good with the stick. A rangy SS would be nice next to Miggy obviously… Hopefully Eugenio Suarez will be ready to go in a couple years and he is a switch hitting SS with speed and power that is pretty good defensively…

  2. Alex Brown says :

    I wish the Tigers played their games on paper because they look unbeatable. That lineup is sick but we know how long a season is. Throw in a strong pitching staff and this year is going to be fun.

  3. jtrainjaymzm says :

    I feel like the tigers should have gone after J.P. Arencibia. Would have been a better power supply and a nice backup opposed to Pena by any stretch!

    • brown4bd says :

      Arencibia is a very good catcher especially for his young career so far… I do like him a lot but I don’t think he would be a good fit for what the Tigers are looking for… You are definitely right he is a better catcher than Pena and him being right handed would be a good thing to have next to Avila… I think that the Blue Jays really like Arencibia and think he is going to be the catcher for their team for awhile… It would have taken quite a bit to get him, and the Tigers have given up a lot of prospects lately, and I think that is probably just more than the Tigers are willing to give up for a back up catcher…

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts… I honestly do love to hear from other people to see some things from a different perspective than I might be looking at it from…

      • jtrainjaymzm says :

        Thank you for the reply comment. I heard that the Jays would listen to offers for him. Josh Thole is a starting catcher, just had a rough year last year. I honestly wanted the tigers to try for J.P. I really did, I was surprised the Yanks didn’t get his bat after losing Martin. Just my thoughts entirely coming from a catcher myself haha

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