Going For Gold: Extra Innings

United States Line Up Predictions

1.  Jimmy Rollins – SS – I wish they had a better option here that has a higher batting average.  I’d love to have Rollins hit in the 9 spot.

2.  Brandon Phillips – 2nd – typically hits 4th for the Reds but he does have a wide range of assets so he can also hit in the 2 hole.  Good fastball hitter and will get a lot of fastballs if Rollins gets on to try to keep him from stealing. 

3.  Ryan Braun – LF – Probably the best all-around player on the team, can hit for average with power and he also has speed.

4.  Giancarlo Stanton – RF – the best pure power on the team, Rod Allen would describe him as Country Strong, will be a nice option to protect Braun.

5. David Wright – 3rd – A very good hitter, could be a number 3 hitter also but I like Braun power and average better and then Stanton’s power in the 4 hole.

6.  Mark Teixeira – DH – his injury during last year might move him to the DH spot even though he is a better defensive player than Zobrist. 

7.  Adam Jones – CF – Could potentially be put into the 1 spot with his speed but he hasn’t hit there in a few years and he did not perform as well there.

8.  Joe Mauer – C – arguably the best pure hitter on the team but a lack of power moves him back to the 8th hole.

9.  Ben Zobrist – 1st – has a very good on base percentage and also the pop to hit 20 home runs in a year; if Teixeira is healthy I could see Zobrist playing RF and Stanton as the DH

Mauer could also see a lot of DH time too to give him rests and Laury or Arencibia involved in the game plans.  Bloomquist will be optional at LF, 3rd and SS for the team and would probably hit in the lead off or 9 hole.   I would have loved to see Michael Bourn on this team in centerfield and hitting lead off and have Rollins hit in the 9 hole.

If you missed any of the other Going For Gold’s make sure you read them.  Feel free to comment and input your ideas I enjoy hearing what other people opinions are.


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3 responses to “Going For Gold: Extra Innings”

  1. Big John Stud says :

    Any thoughts on Mauer in the two spot? I know a lack of speed there, but I really like Phillips and Jones speed/power towards the bottom. Or your idea of Jones at the top.

    Also, this is why I am not a huge fan of the WBC rosters. Zobrist is the starter at 1st! There are so many better players out there that should be on this roster. I would love to see a Michael Young who can play anywhere in the IF.

    Just wish there weren’t so many average, slightly above average, or he has potential guys.

    Thanks, keep up the good work Benny.

    Big John Stud

    • brown4bd says :

      Yeah I thought about Mauer in the 2 spot because he puts the ball in play a lot but I’d prefer that the speed of Phillips in the 2 hole is a little better. I really would like to have Mauer up further in the lineup, I was thinking about putting him in 5 or 6 hole but Wright is pretty good with the stick.

      The only reason I have Zobrist in at 1st is because I heard Tex might still have some lingering calf issues. If he doesn’t I would guarantee that no one will touch that spot besides Tex since he’s arguably the best defensive 1st basemen in the game. Young was asked but he declined to play, he would have been a great addition to the team. I wish more players would want to play in it but it’s hard especially when the season is so long so there isn’t really a good time to have it.

      I wish there was a great lead off hitter that played well defensively at SS. They have to many middle of the order guys.

      Thanks for commenting Big John Stud…

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