General Powell Speech

Last night General Colin Powell came to speak at Central Michigan for Martin Luther King Jr Week.  It was required for a class that I go and watch him give this speech.  I was a little skeptical to go see him since I have not really been very keen on politics.  I also was unsure about what he was going to talk about and how interesting it was going to be.  It was still pretty exciting to go see the Former Secretary of State that came to small time Central Michigan.  At 75 years old, the man was both hilarious and energetic.  He spoke of being the retired former Secretary of State, “One day you are the No. 1 diplomat in the whole free world. The next day, you ain’t…. All the body guards drove away. No one is calling, nobody cares about you.”  He went on about a discussion he had with his wife, of 51 years, about how he wasn’t going to be getting up at 5:30 anymore and he wasn’t going to work at 6:30.   That he was going to be home from now on. “She froze, and said ‘doesn’t this idiot know how we’ve been together so long.'” 

He also talked about more sentimental things, such as the diversity in the United States.  He talked about his parents coming into the country from Jamaica 90 years ago.   He talked about how after 9-11 we needed to tighten up our security in the airports but advised President Bush not to close off our borders; “we need to let immigrates in because after all that is who we are.  If we close off our borders we let the terrorists win and we lose.”  He gave us words of wisdom, about how our past is our past its not our present or our future.  It doesn’t matter what we did in our past it only matters how hard we work right now and what were trying to accomplish right now.  I was very impressed with General Powell after last night.  I am hopeful that some of our politicians today as well as in the future take notes from him and try to be the leader that he is.  He mentioned the tough times we’re going through and the tough times that we have already overcome.  He ended the night with words that sum up our diversity and the power through that diversity. “The world may have changed, but we are still number one. We are still the land of hope and inspiration for all.  We affect everyone around us. We are the nation of all nations. As long as we don’t forget and believe in that, we will still be number one.” 



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I am currently enrolled at Central Michigan University. I am obtaining my Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in Sports Studies (Sports Management), with a Minor in Marketing and an Endorsement in Athletic Coaching. I am looking for an Internship over the summer so I can develop my career and improve my business skills to become a well educated and skilled member of the business community.

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